You guys. I directed a music video for this amazing NYC-based band, COLD BLOOD CLUB. Check them out immeds. There are about a billion people in it, their sound is a DELIGHT for the ears, and they have a tambourine player. A. Tambourine. Player.


On top of all this deliciousness, my future husband, future sister-in-law, and future father-in-law all showed up to be Featured Extras aka dance their faces off.


Also also, at one point I was directing so HARD (read: standing onstage, dance-flailing like a loon so the extras would see my strange, beguiling body contortions and be forced to enthusiastically pity-dance along) that a wayward drop of pee escaped my body. I tell you this not to disgust, but to entice viewership of a video that was such a passion project, some might call it a passionate PEE. Sorry, PLEA. Passionate plea.


Anyway, towel off and WATCH THIS PUPPY! xo