Well, it’s not a holiday card, but it IS my Personal Best of 2012 List. Happy Holidays!

My Personal Best of 2012:

Best movie: 

BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD. Easily. Hands-down. Stunning in every aspect.

Best concert I attended:

My Morning Jacket at Williamsburg Waterfront. Jim James and His Navajo Cape = Amazing.

Best wedding I attended:

Tie between Brett and Megan’s nuptials in a small Michigan town filled with PIRATE STATUES (?!?!?!?!) and Samantha and Patrick’s classy California soiree. Either way you cut it, my friends have good taste.

Best Wedding I Didn’t Attend:

Leslie and Pete’s beachfront vows in Tulum, Mexico. Thanks, job + Hurricane Sandy.

Best way to explain fall in nyc:


Best On-Camera Animal Abuse:

Tie between the Cocker Spaniel puppy I dropped in the breeder’s New Jersey bathroom and the Ibizan Hound I forced down a kiddie pool water slide in Connecticut. Call PETA! 

Best Misuse of Purple Paint:

That would be running out of paint halfway through painting my bedroom walls with Ami and instead using the last of the purple to paint THIS on it instead:


Best Ollie Moment: 

 Tie between watching Ollie navigate his first Brooklyn snowstorm and the moment I discovered that massaging his paws puts him in a Zen-like state of bliss, so much so that when I was done with one of his paws, he picked up his other one and shoved it in my face like, “Well? Go on!”


Worst Ollie Moment:

Oh, basically every time we’re outside and there’s a loud sound. Or a quiet sound. Or wind. Or still air. Or someone looks at him. 

Best Crew:


Best Mugger Award:

The nimble-fingered 14-year-old in Forever21 last Thursday who lifted my iPhone. Mazel Tov.

Worst Mugger Award:

Tie between the coffee shop mugger I thwarted trying to steal my computer and my friend’s purse AND the blatantly obvious restaurant mugger in the theater district who was clearly leaning towards my friend’s purse, whom I asked “Everything okay back there?”, causing him to abruptly leave the restaurant. After trying to steal a bottle of wine from a nearby table. Class act.

Best Holiday:

Easily Thanksgiving 2012 ..and Meximas (Christmas 2012 in MESSSSSICO) hasn’t even happened yet! 

Best Advent Calendar:

This Hubble Telescope Advent Calendar – NERD ALERT. Is is RAD. 

Best Person To Spend A Hurricane With:

You know who you are.

Best Article About Ryan Gosling:


Featured within this article? The best VIDEO of young Ryan Gosling that you will ever see. He dances. In a silky black shirt. Also he’s 9 and it’s 1993 and you will NEVER LOOK AT HIM THE SAME WAY AGAIN.

Best Decision I’ve Made:

Throwing my dog, my sh*t, and my hopes in my car and driving across the country to test my mettle in the Big Apple. 

And if 2012 is any indication, 2013 is looking quite merry and bright indeed. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!!!