1. Rapping is really hard. Props to everyone who does this for an actual living.


2. Watch out when you’re going for a “showy” swig of the cheap champagne you’re holding while standing on a boat. That shit is gonna be BUBBLY. Oh I get it…that’s where the nickname comes from.


3. Consider your outdoor shooting location. And by that, I mean mayyyyybe you don’t want to shoot on a stoop a few steps away from the projects on a Saturday morning when literally everyone in the entire world (thugs, wannabe-thugs, cops, rubberneckers, tourists, an old Asian man wearing a pointed straw hat carrying two huge loads of who knows what tied to the end of a long beam and balanced on his shoulders, angry grandmother types, and homophobic hecklers, to name a few) are walking past. And by walking past, I mean filming you on their phones.


4. Already-worn wedding dresses CAN find a second life through music, specifically rap videos. Specifically this one.


5. You can never have enough fake money. Pretty self-explanatory.


6. Your true friends will be revealed when you ask everyone to dress up in insane outfits and spend multiple hours/days bouncing along to the beat as you lip sync to yourself in front of a camera. The ones who show up and give it their all = GOLD.


All this being said, look out for Ghostmime’s first video – COMING SOON!!!!!!